Here are some highlights of what we’ve accomplished together:

•We conceived of and took the lead in the successful campaign to create the St. Louis County Children’s Services Fund which has greatly expanded the resources available for children in St. Louis County.

•We provide a monthly forum for professional networking, sharing of information, exchange of best practices, and picking the brains of colleagues you know and trust.

•We are a strong and united voice in advocating for children and educating legislators and others on the issues that impact kids and families in St. Louis.  This has included work related to state and local propositions, as well as impactful work on the legislative front. Links to up-to-date information about issues and advocacy are available on our website.

•We have hosted expert speakers on subjects including the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid expansion, state budget forecasts and related legislation, human resource management, strategic planning, social investment, and collective impact.

•We have launched an interactive website that serves as a portal to identify appropriate agencies providing services for children and their families in 27 service areas. It is a one-stop source of much needed information for children with social and behavioral needs. The website also contains educational resources, agency snapshots, and direct links to member websites, providing exposure and referral information.

•We have provided a series of free ethics trainings for professionals, which were provided by area experts and included modules tailored to individual needs and interests.